Saturday, June 16, 2012

Why Bananas Are My New Favorite Thing

As you could probably tell from my absence this week, it's been a crazy one. Not only was it the last week of school, but also our last week of Korea. We've spent whatever free time we had preparing our resumes and suitcases...and now it's oh-so-close! We woke up early today for our last long run on the river. I actually got a little emotional and had to stop for about 15 seconds because the tears that welled wanted to push my contacts out of my eye. (I wasn't happy about that, but I figure it was short enough to not count as a pause.) I finished our 40 minute run strong, and kept a surprisingly good pace! Soon I will be able to get a better grasp on what that pace is. (I'm getting a GPS watch for my birthday in August, and I. Can't. Wait!) Anyway, since we woke this morning, it's been go-go-go, and now it's nearly time for sleep-sleep-sleep. I know I won't have time to post tomorrow, and probably not for a couple days after, so I thought I would share something amazing with you guys real quick:
Did you know that bananas can make ice cream?
Okay, sure, it's not exactly the same...but it's pretty dang close! Close enough to satisfy a craving, for sure. And you know what? It's super easy.

It's so creamy!
Here's what to do:
cut up about 130g frozen bananas- 115 kcal
(this works best with fully ripened bananas, but still works with newer ones)
add about 50ml skim milk- 20 kcal
now blend that baby!

I added 10g of dark chocolate giving mine another 60 calories, but also a delightful crunch.
The banana soft serve without the added chocolate chips is only 135 calories for 3/4c, where most 3/4c servings of just plain vanilla soft serve is about 288. I'd say that's a pretty worthy swap!

And you know what else I love about this option? You know you're getting more than one serving of your daily fruit, 4 grams of fiber, AND it's sustaining, unlike it's empty ice cream counterpart.

So, it's needless to say: I'm obsessed with this.

Alright time you hear from me, I will be Home Sweet Home! Do you have any good "eating healthy in America" tips I could benefit from? Also, let me know if you try the banana soft serve!

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