Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Being My Own Barbie

experimenting with a maxi skirt!
I like to think of myself as a creative. I love seeing what results from taking an idea and executing it with your own design, style, and technique.
All that said, my favorite ways to showcase my creativity are undoubtedly through myself. My face and my body, they are my canvas. I love doing my makeup, but even more than that, I love putting together outfits. I love clothes the way that most people love bacon (perhaps that is why I hate bacon...there's no room for that kind of inanimate passion anywhere else).
When I was obese, it was hard for me to dress the way I wanted to. As anyone who has ever struggled with their weight knows, most clothes available to plus sized ladies are lacking in the same kind of mainstream appeal. Of course, there are many companies around that do a great job of catering to stylish plus-sized ladies, but I didn't want to look in those places, because I didn't want to believe I was plus-sized.
Where I do love doing my makeup, that process hasn't changed so much. The real cherry on top of this whole weight-loss process has most definitely been: dressing myself! I can now wear things that I would have never been able to wear before, but have always wanted to. I can keep up with my fashion blogs and magazines and finally start emulating ideas and styles that I've always envied. I'm no longer afraid of a lower-rise jean. I'm no longer afraid of a tucked in blouse. I'm no longer afraid of a shirt that clings. I'm no longer afraid of a skirt that hits mid thigh. But most of all, I'm no longer afraid to play around with different garments that I probably never would have worn before.I LOVE getting to play with my clothes. It's like I'm my own life-sized Barbie doll!

What is your favorite part of losing weight, or what do you think you will look forward to the most when you've reached your goal weight? Tell me in the comments! And as always, feel free to leave any topics you'd like discussed as well!


  1. You look fantastic!

    I think as I've lost weight, I've been using less makeup and dressing down more frequently. Maybe because when I was bigger, I felt I had to always look polished and dressed up so as not to look so frumpy?

    1. Thanks Mylee! I think it's great when people who aren't where they want to be physically don't dress in baggy clothes all the time. It really does make a huge difference! And I would be lying if I said I wasn't wearing my running capri's right now;)

  2. You know me, I've always loved dressing up, even when plus sized, but mixing and matching outfits is the very most fun!! What I have noticed is I still need to keep my skirt length longer than you teeniebopers! There is something about the 50+ knee that is just NOT attractive! Never really noticed until I had lost weight. It seems designers haven't looked at knees much either!lol

    1. Stacy London has a skirt length age limit, and I'm pretty sure I'm too old for a mini skirt...but hey! I couldn't pull them off in my younger years, so why not play with them for now, eh? But don't worry, I don't wear them all that often;)