Monday, August 13, 2012

Small Town, Big Improvement!

Mr. Light and I had so much fun at the Horsethief 5k that we have decided to make races a monthly event! We knew right away that our August race would be the Small Town, Big Cause 5K, since Lawrence Memorial Hospital has always been such a huge part of my life. My mom has worked at LMH for a bagillion years (or something along those lines), and some of my fondest childhood memories are of volunteering as a family to help with the LMH Triathlon. We would camp out at the lake the night before so that we would be there and ready at dawn, my mother having to be there extra early as it was her departments event. I remember at race time how much I loved offering up the cups of water and sports drink to the runners, but dreaming of the day I could graduate up to the role of body number painter. I remember being in awe of the physical capacity of the competitors, and even more so of those who were able to win those kinds of events. A feat like that is just beyond me.

photo credit: Melanie Johnson
The Small Town/Big Cause Eudora 5k was this last Saturday, and definitely a tougher course than our last. The first two miles seemed just right, but it felt like the last mile was mostly uphill, and boy did that kill my endurance! Nonetheless, I felt great, and am really proud of my time. I came in at 29:34, shaving almost 2 1/2 minutes off my last competition time! It was definitely a personal best for me, as was Mr. Light's, at 24:50 for him!
Want to know our time-improving secret? We've recently added long bike rides to our exercise reportoire, and it has definitely paid off. We usually bike around 14 miles twice a week, and it has surprisingly made all the difference in our running. Isn't it amazing how doing something else can help you in a certain area, physically? And the best part about it is our bike rides feel a lot more like we're exploring and having adventures than like we're exercising. We love it!

So now we're trying to decide what event to do in September. We're hoping to get my brother and his wife signed up with us this time, so the KC area would be ideal. Any suggestions?