Monday, June 11, 2012

Experimental Dipping

I made about a cup of dip at 80kcal...not bad, not great, but tasty for sure!
As we're down to less than 1 week left in our Korean adventure, we've started working on clearing out as much food in our pantry/fridge as best we can. We've gone from asking each other "What do we want to eat?" to "What food do we need to get rid of, and when can we do that?"

So today for lunch, I got a little bit craftier than usual (the kitchen really is new territory for me).

On Sunday we had taco salads, and cooked up the rest of our corn tortillas for chips. I knew I wanted to finish off the chips and salsa today, but there wasn't enough salsa to satisfy the leftover chips. That's when the wheels started churning. 
On Saturday I had made a veggie dip using only Greek yogurt and a little bit of ranch mix (which was an idea that I got from here. Using this dip for cucumbers made it taste like tzaziki, which was a pleasant surprise!) Having half of my concoction left, I decided to mix the salsa together with my ranch dip. Where the flavor was nice, it was also incredibly salty (but that's because I had added to much ranch mix to my Greek dip to begin with...don't do that...), so I started to think of what I could do to tame the salt a little. I rummaged through the fridge, looking for anything that might work, and that's when I saw my last, lonely cucumber. Would it work? Could it work? I decided to give it a go. I only chopped up about 1/3 of the cucumber, but in the end, it was exactly what my little mixture needed! In the excitement of my new discovery, I decided to use a little of the dip to sauce up my egg sando this morning, and even on that, it was delicious!

Do you have any homemade dips or sauces you're loving lately? Do you have any unique uses for the ever-versatile Greek yogurt? I'd love to give them a try...leave your recipes/thoughts in the comments!


  1. I made a chicken salad using greek yogurt this weekend. I'm posting a recipe as we speak. I mean... we're not speaking but, you get it.

    I'm excited for you to come home so soon. I miss you.

    1. greek yogurt instead of mayo? Holler. I'm excited to read your post!

      I'm excited, as well...if you haven't already got that from the running countdown on Facebook;) Any plans to come to KC soon? *nudge, nudge*