Sunday, April 22, 2012

My Anniversary!

This is the worst haircut I've ever had...grow out already!
In the beginning, because of the amount of weight that I needed to lose, paired with my belief that my weight problem was purely genetic and no real fault of my own (so wrong!), it was hard for me to understand how real this journey could be for me. All I knew was that, if I really did want to be successful, I couldn't set my hopes too high. I didn't want to become completely consumed (heh, that backfired, eh?) by my journey...I wanted it to feel as natural as possible, so I kept myself solely focused on calorie counting. I didn't even write down the day that I started. I didn't write down anything! I knew that the "important things" were stored on my Wii Fit, so it could be referenced there if needed.
I've known I was close to having completed 1 full year of my new self, so this morning, as I was enjoying my (way too protein packed) breakfast, I turned on my Wii Fit to check the date. "Welcome, Jamie! This is your 373 day." 373! I could have sworn I started late April, but perhaps that is when I started to get really, really serious about this whole thing?
So here it is, finally in writing (of sorts): on April 15, 2011, I got my butt in gear.
Tax day will never be the same for me.

On day 1, I weighed in at (what my Wii declared was) 223 lbs.
On day 365, I weighed in at 140 lbs!

8 days later (April 23), I'm down to 138.8 lbs, and only around 3 lbs to my goal weight!

Today, I feel good.


  1. Wow baby! Congratulations! A year really went by fast! And only 3 lbs left! Wow! I'm so proud!

  2. Wonderful!! And after all these years, I'm still jealous of your eyebrows.