Sunday, April 8, 2012

Curried chickpeas: A Dinner of Champions

Because I'm so in love with chickpeas lately (and found a store that seems to have a rapid's hoping they keep that up!), I've searched for various ways to feast on these delicious little legumes. I found this one a week or two ago, and finally cooked them up last Thursday. I had put it off for awhile, sadly, because I thought it might be a little annoying, but you know what? It was so easy! (I'm so not a cook. I don't enjoy the process, but man do I love the end result). When I started getting my ingredients together, I realized that I didn't have onions or ginger, and I only had curry paste, rather than powder. (Do American grocery stores carry curry paste and instant curry packets? I love them! I'll be posting an easy lunch recipe with them soon, and I'm really hoping the answer to this question is yes. If they don't, I'm sure your local Asian market might?) But my heart had already set on this meal, so I proceeded without.
I pretty much followed the recipe listed to a T, except for totally spacing on the garlic, and it was ready before I knew it! We threw the mixture into lettuce leaves for wraps (clearly, we love lettuce wraps. Mess or no mess.) and paired it with some boiled peas (I'm quite amused by themed meals), and you know what?
It ruled.
Eat this, you guys.

1c quinoa- 340 kcal
1can diced tomatoes- 70 kcal
1can chickpeas- 158 kcal
1 packet curry paste- 120 kcal
2-3  shakes cayenne pepper- 0 kcal

Basically, just throw all these ingredients into a pan, and let it simmer, covered, for 10 minutes, stirring occasionally.

total= 688 kcal for 585 grams.

I ate 240 grams, which only cost me 282 calories! Add 2 corn tortillas @ 112 kcal, 30 grams lettuce @ 5 kcal, and 1/2c peas+1/2tbsp I can't believe it's not butter @ 102 kcals, and you get an entirely delicious and filling meal for only 502 calories!

And who says eating low cal is boring?

Have you tried any recipes that blew you away lately? Leave them in the comments and I'll try them out!


  1. I've been putting off making bread for a long time because it seemed too complicated but it totally wasn't! I won't leave the recipe for you. I'll totally take this one from you, though, without question!
    I'll bet this is packed with fiber and protein. I'm pretty bad about eating enough fiber (which surprises me, honestly, I love fiber-y things).

    As for the curry situation? I'm not sure. I'm sure curry paste is a thing here, I just don't know if I've ever seen it. There is one store in Wichita that I love to go to called The Spice Merchant and they probably have it. They have everything you could possibly ever want. I'll look there.

  2. I've been really intentional with fiber these days. Honestly, I don't ever check my nutrient totals EXCEPT for fiber. But I have a hard time...*ahem*...without PLENTY of fiber and water. It keeps me regular;)

    And those curry packets are maybe one thing from Korea that I don't know if I can live without! I bet it's not terribly difficult to make on my own, though. I'm learning to like cooking...slowly, but surely...;)