Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Tip of the Day

                                      One thing I'm glad I did:

My birthday, 08/2011, -35 pounds
The moment I began calorie counting, I made the decision that I wouldn't let myself get too carried away. I knew that if I threw myself into this with both guns blazing, I would eventually fizzle out. The main decision I made (that I couldn't be more glad for) is that I didn't restrict myself from anything. I knew that if I told myself I couldn't have such and such, I would want that thing even more. I knew that at every glance of it, my knowing it was off limits would put me one step closer to indulging myself in it. So instead of cutting myself off, I allowed myself to have it when I wanted it; this forced me to learn how to eat around that item (i.e. if I want ice cream, I have a salad for dinner). I have gotten to the point where there are many things I find that I want less, because I know it isn't sustaining. I have gone from making meat my main portion, to vegetables as my main portion.

                          One thing I wish I did:

Today, -70+ lbs
05/2010, -0 lbs
When I started, I was really ashamed of my body, and to be honest, not 100% on how well I would stick to my journey. Most of me didn't believe I would actually achieve as much as I have, so when I thought about taking "before" pictures, I shuddered and blew it off, and the idea of taking measurements wasn't much of a thought. Being where I am now, I kick myself for that. I shuffle through my photos from before, trying to get a good one of me, full body, to see how much I really have changed, but fall short of finding many that work. Before I started my journey, I more or less refused to have my picture taken from the neck down (it's true...if we're friends on facebook, look at my catalog of profile pictures). In fact, I would often refuse a picture in general, being afraid that the photographer would capture anything more than my face. How did I live like that? It seems much sadder in retrospect than it felt at the time.
That being said: Take real before pictures! Take pictures of your progress along the way! Take your measurements! You'll regret it later if you don't. Probably.


  1. How CUTE IS THAT OUTFIT (and the lady inside of it)?

  2. Thanks Beebs! I bought this dress off craigstlist for like, $3. Freakin' jackpot, right?!

  3. YOU ARE TOO FAR AWAY! I am crazy mad I can't see you face to face! I want to squeeze you hug you! AND since you have put it in black and white, it's so hard to only see you from the neck up all the time!!!! Jamie, my dear sweet baby, you look fabulous! AND is that a belt I see around your waist???? wow, WoW, WOW!!!

  4. thanks, Mommy! I wish I could hug you and squeeze you too:)

  5. This is Dave from upstairs in Korea. Hope you guys are enjoying yourselves back home. I certainly understand how different it must be back home being surrounded by people who don't gawk or stare. It's just been opposite for us. We were just fed up with subtle and not-so-subtle looks, attitudes, and demeanor for just being who we were. We know there are certainly more good folks back in Kansas or elsewhere for that matter than bad, but we're enjoying not having to consciously or subconsiciously trying to figure out whether us being asian has anything to do with the look we're getting or the way we're being treated. I guess what I'm trying to say is that t's good that you are feeling at home! Actually, the reason for this comment is to let you know that you did leave something back in Suji. Like I told you on the day you guys left, you left a huge motivation in us to live healthier. You can't imagine how inspirational it has been for us to see you guys change, literally. I'm changing my lifestyle and have lost about 16 lbs. in the last six months thanks to you. Now, my wife and kids are gradually changing their lifestyles with me and we hope to be in better and healthier shape same time next year.

    Long story short, it was great having you guys as neighbors, great to see you enjoying your life back in the U.S. and thank you for the inspiration. Hope our paths will cross in the future. Take care and God bless you and your family.

    -lighter Dave from Suji.

    1. Hey Dave! I think that being a minority in any culture will always leave you feeling a little ostracized. There really is no place like home.
      JD and I feel very blessed to have had you guys as neighbors. Having that familiarity was so nice, and your generosity was always so comforting:)

      I'm especially excited to hear that we were an inspiration to you and your family! I think the biggest thing I took from my weight loss, and want to share, is that anyone really can do this. It makes me feel so good to hear when other people find out the same thing:) I wish you a lot of luck in the rest of your journey, and I hope to continue to hear updates!