Tuesday, February 7, 2012

My snack-over

When I first started calorie counting, I promised myself that I wouldn't "quit" any foods. I knew that if I did that, I would never keep it up. By allowing myself whatever foods I want, I have learned how to move things around so that I can eat what I want, when I really want it. If I'm wanting ice cream for dessert, I find a light version and load up on veggies at dinner. If I want french fries, I bake them at home and eat them with lower proteins like fish or boneless, skinless chicken. Throughout my weight-loss, I have decreased my calories gradually, which has helped to weed out snacks. Because of this, I have naturally cut back on many snack-type foods...and especially eating more than one in a meal.
Yesterday was the Super Bowl, and my husband and I had decided to have a party. What do we all know comes with Super Bowl parties? Snack food. Lots and lots of snack food...and we were no exception. In preparation, I made sure in advance to plan my maintenance day for the Big Game, and I ate a lighter breakfast and lunch than usual that day. When the time came, I had plenty of calorie wiggle room, and I really let myself enjoy what would have never been a second thought for me food-wise before. Even though I know I had indulged a little more than I *needed* to, I had no idea of the residual effects I would feel today.
When I woke up this morning, I felt okay...but my breakfast ended up consisting of about 400 calories worth of cereal and Doritos. Not okay. Shortly after breakfast I started feeling awful. It's really hard to explain how I was feeling, exactly, but the closest I can attribute is to somewhat of a food-hangover (hence, My Snack-Over). My mom and brother are both hypoglycemic, and a part of me wonders if that is what they feel like when they are having their issues? A slight headache and a little bit nauseous...but different? So I took a page from their book when they're not feeling well, and made myself a much healthier lunch. After doing so, I felt much better.

Here's what I had:
Homemade pizza:
1 English muffin (total)
30g. homemade tomato sauce (per pizza)
7g. shredded colby jack cheese (per pizza)
1 slice shredded deli turkey (total)
@124 calories/pizza= 248 kcal
Sliced veggies:
40g. celery- 6
30g. cucumber- 5
30g. carrot- 9
20g. green pepper- 4
=24 kcal (I love veggies!)
(light ranch for dipping, probably could have done without, but I like it)
=41 kcal
(it's important to stay hydrated-that post will come later)
total meal= 313 kcal! +totally filling, colorful, AND delish

This morning really drove home for me how much of a favor I am doing to my body by eating the way I am now, opposed to the way I was before. Just the thought of something as basic as food giving you such a physical reaction...it makes me really sad for how unhealthy old Jamie was...how clueless old Jamie was. I recognize that, health-wise, my eating still has a lot of improvements that could be made, but to see the improvements thus far-it makes me proud, to be honest. This is more than just a losing weight thing-- I'm finally treating my body in a way that shows me that truely, I-love-me. I am worth taking care of.

And that feels good.


  1. Jamie:
    Isn't it amazing how our bodies are smart enough to let us know when we've eaten something not-so-good for us if we give them the chance to heal? I had a bit of a snack-over yesterday, too! Eating cleanly is the way to go.
    Congrats on all your progress, and best of luck with the rest of your journey. Let me know if you need any lighter recipes or anything.

  2. I'm astounded by how often our bodies tell us exactly what we need to know if only we're willing and able to listen.

    Clean eating is so much more important than fancy, trendy diets. You've done a good thing in listening to your instincts and knowing what works for you--obviously it's paying off! :)

  3. Thanks, ladies! I'm not as clean of an eater as I could be, but I am much more so than I ever was before:)