Tuesday, March 27, 2012

SWAP: Soda

I read a lot of health articles these days. I get about 20 emails a day; with that figure, probably 15 of them are subscriptions from websites that I follow (and the other 5 are from Facebook). Because I'm such an organizing freak when it comes to anything BUT my living space, I read these emails ASAP so that I can delete them ASAP. It's kind of nice, really, because if it weren't for that, I would spend 100% of my time on the internet playing Tetris Battle and Words With Friends. It's so true.
In these healthy lifestyle articles, I often read about why I shouldn't do a lot of the things that I still do (most namely: eating foods from cans or boxes), but few things really phase me enough to make me give into their persuasions. Fortunately for me, there is one thing that I just can't ignore: carcinogens. I feel a lot of guilt knowing that I am ingesting something that people believe to be cancer causing, but most of the time they're not so sure, and its the uncertainty that usually keeps me in the game. It isn't until things come with warning labels that I really start to pay attention. (Did you hear that, Surgeon General? Your efforts DO work! Just maybe not as widely as we would hope.)

That cup is empty...I was not ready for this blog;)
You see, I have a deep love for Coke Zero. And I've known for awhile that aspartame may or may not be cancer causing, so I justified myself with that as long as I only had one a day, I would be fine...because once a day isn't so excessive, right? (subjective) But then I read an article* the other day, and I started to pay attention. I immediately made the decision to switch my soda of choice to a clear colored diet. From this, it got me thinking even more...why am I wasting my time with artificial sweeteners, which might be cancer causing (and shouldn't that be enough, Jamie?), when there are natural options out there? So I dove in, purchased some Stevia (best decision ever. More on this later.) and some carbonated water, and set out on a creation of my own.

What I do:
1/2 dropper of Stevia (I use alcohol free, I think it takes a little more with this kind?)
1 tbsp lemon juice
16 oz. carbonated water

At first taste, this concoction seems quite off, but if you let it sit for about 10 minutes...I think you'd be surprised at how similar it is to the likes of Diet 7Up. I've been making these homemade sodas for about a week now, and I don't miss soda at all! But it really is very much about the carbonation for me.

Give it a try and tell me what you think! If you already do this, are there any different flavors you add to the mix? What are your thoughts about this topic, in general?

*This is not the same article I read, but what I skimmed seems close enough...


  1. hummmm home made soda.... with Stevia... I love the Truvia commercial songs!

  2. Nice Picture :))

    Lovely Greetings from Vienna! ♡

  3. I've seen similar recipes using... what's that called? It's like fruit juice but it's thicker and always found in the Mexican section of my grocery store? Nectar! Nectar. Though I don't know if they use artificial or sugar sweeteners in those.

    I haven't ever seen stevia in a dropper bottle. Adam and Arryn buy little packets of stevia just like splenda. Also agave is super popular around these parts.

  4. Mom, I tried truvia last summer, and HATED it...but I'm sure the song is great;)
    Libby, I bought my stevia off of iherb.com if they're interested in trying the liquid. I went that way because I heard the powdered stuff can be difficult to dissolve, but I intend on trying it when I get back!

  5. Does stevia have amazing health benefits? I've seen the tea in stores...I'm about to google this haha.
    And I also have a manic Coke Zero addiction...but I've kind of been weened myself off of it ever since I heard aspartame can apparently cause alzheimers?! Scary! For me it's all about the carbonation, too...my current vice is grapefruit Perrier! Ice cold, it's so refreshing =). If you see it in Korea, definitely try!

  6. Also, how much do I love that your mom comments on your blog =) hehe.

  7. She's my biggest fan;)

    I recently saw lime Perrier, which is new (from what I've paid attention to), but I'll have to keep an eye out for grapefruit. That sounds delish! And I hadn't heard about the Alzheimers thing...sheesh. Aspertame=probably not worth it.

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