Sunday, May 6, 2012

Sandwiches For the Win!

Saturday was a day for errands in the Light house, and Quizno's just happens to be located across the street from our favorite foreigner market, I <3 cookie. This wonderful little market is stuffed to the gills with many hard-to-find American favorites. And you know what? This weekend they had Dr. Pepper Ten. DR. PEPPER TEN, FOLKS! That is unheard of here in Korea. Depending on where you go, it is possible but not probable to find Dr. Pepper. Diet Dr. Pepper or Dr. Pepper Ten? Never. So imagine my sheer delight upon that discovery. I have a very, very long list of things I am excited to come home to, and that delicious drink is near the top. It was like God's way of saying, "Soon, Jamie. So, so soon..."
The other half of that sandwich was down for the count!
Another treat we allowed ourselves to splurge on at I <3 Cookie: Cheez-Its.

And what better way to pair Cheez-its and Dr. Pepper than Quizno's?

A few months ago, I had looked up their nutrition info and made a note on my iPhone of the sandwiches I thought I'd ever want to eat. Oh, what would I do without my iPhone?! (Thanks, Mommy!!) So now, any time I feel the hankering, I have quick access to my favorite sando calorie listings. My choice of the day was my all-time favorite, the Traditional. A small Traditional will only set you back 450 kcal, according to their pdf, and since I'd taken it easy on breakfast that day, it was on like Donkey Kong!

In the end, my meal only ended up costing me around 600 calories! Score! 

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