Monday, October 22, 2012

A New Journey

I am usually one to hate any kind of "diet" that requires restriction. I feel that those types of weight-loss plans usually just set people up for maintenance failure, unless the person in the plan is intending on living the rest of their lives without said restriction. All this to say, I am probably more surprised than anyone about my very, very recent decision to go gluten free. This is something that I have been considering for a little while, but in fairness, it's not for weight loss purposes.

In usual Jamie, Light fashion, I'm going to be outrageously candid with you: the driving force behind this decision is that I have what is known as Poly Cystic Ovary Syndrome. From the research I have done, it seems that something about PCOS often throws the insulin levels in it's women out of whack, and those out of whack levels cause other levels to be out of whack, and then we end up with this long list of embarrassing and belittling symptoms. Because of the insulin issue, a gluten free diet is looked upon as potentially helpful, although there doesn't seem to be scientific evidence of this yet (perhaps because the studies haven't been done? Please correct me if I'm wrong). However, the opinions of women with PCOS that have gone gluten free seem to be quite positive, so why not throw my hat into the ring and give it a try, right? If Science won't come to me, I must come to it! Besides, the worse that can come of this is that I have to say goodbye to my beloved cookies forever. And ever. (That's a pretty bad worse-case, but it's all in the name of health. *sigh*)

My plan:
I will be keeping a daily journal so that I can track how things change in me, emotionally and physically, throughout my journey. If I see a big change, I will keep on keepin' on. If I don't, then I suppose I will be seeking more medical assistance for my symptoms. I have the intention of consulting a doctor about all of this anyway, but my insurance doesn't kick in for a few weeks, so...that will have to wait.

So here we go again...maybe we'll call this "Phase 2" in the Jamie self-improvement plan.

Do you have experience with living gluten free? Whether you said yes or no, I'd love to read your thoughts/opinions!


  1. Anytime I hear the term "gluten-free" my mind flashes to a memory of chewing into that delicious baguette at Panera and I feel sad at the thought of it.
    I am grateful to not have (as far as I can tell) an adverse reaction to gluten or anything else--I think. But I feel like if I had to choose between those "embarrassing and belittling symptoms" and no-baguette. I could probably very easily choose no-baguette.

    So proud of you, man! This could potentially be a lot of fun. I find that when it comes to diet changes, the more I learn about new options, the less I'm concerned about those things I'm "leaving behind".

    1. I totally agree! When I started this whole calorie counting thing, I was so excited to get back to America and try these pre-packaged/pre-made "low cal" treat options, but in the mean time I had to figure out my own alternatives, and in the end, I liked the alternatives much better! The pre-packaged/pre-made items are pretty much a sham, if you ask me;)

  2. While it is really a no-fun reason to try this diet - I say go for it! Personally, I won't. I mean, I switched to gluten free cereal for 2 weeks and for 2 weeks, after having my same amount of gluton free cereal as I would regular cereal, I was looking for something else to eat - ANYthing - within 1.5 hours. When I switched back to my regular cereal, I was good until lunch time.
    Now, that's not a scientific test, and maybe if I didn't have the curly kids to chase around I would keep up with it, but it just isn't time in my life for figuring out what else to eat to not be starving all the time!

    I wish you luck!

    1. Thanks T! I can definitely understand your position. Giving up gluten means giving up A LOT of staples, which makes life hard on it's own, but even harder when that decision involves 4 other mouths, as well! My tactic is to leave the special "gluten-free" products out of my transition for now; I've heard some pretty not-delicious things, and they're too expensive anyway;)

  3. Jamie, don't forget to post on Wellcommons! And by the way... I'm glad you're back