Monday, October 8, 2012

Mediterannean Veggie-wich

Are you feeling especially hungry? Make this:

 Here's how:
1 piece flatbread (Flatout multigrain)- 100 kcal
1 serving hummus (Tribe roasted garlic, 28g)- 50 kcal
cucumber, ~7 slices (63g)- 9 kcal
1 whole roma tomato, sliced (55g)- 10 kcal
red onion, sliced (18g)- 7 kcal
green pepper, ~1/4, sliced (40g)- 7 kcal
2 button mushrooms (41g)- 9 kcal
2 leaves romaine lettuce, chopped (51g)- 12 kcal 
total calorie expenditure: 204 kcal

I like to salt my cucumber and tomatoes, so I put those on first, sprinkled a little salt, and then built the veggies up from there. Obviously you can change/swap any of the veggies that you'd like. Artichoke hearts would have been a great addition to this, and will add a little more "meaty-ness" if you're feeling like you need more bulk. (Mushrooms and artichokes are both great substitutes for meat, but be extra mindful if your artichokes are marinated.)

This makes a HUGE, delicious, low-cal sandwich that pairs perfectly with wheat thins, or other crackers of your choosing. I, however, went with graham crackers and pudding, because I am a 10 year old. *wink*

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  1. Welcome back Jamie light! I missed you! But I'm also going to be missing this HUGE delicious, low cal sandwich... hehe