Monday, March 5, 2012

Tip of the Week!

I am the type of person who eats with my eyes as much as, if not more than, I eat with my mouth (and process with my stomach). I'm actually quite convinced that my stomach is broken, as mine doesn't seem to "send signals" to my brain telling me when I'm full. If my pants aren't popping off, my stomach doesn't quite understand that I'm done, no matter what. That was obviously one huge contributing factor to having gotten as large as I had. It's a terrible way to eat!

But lucky for me, this tip is one that saves me everyday. You've heard it before, but I need you to understand how true this really is:

Use smaller dishes. Always.

See how huge that makes my 3 egg white omelet look?!
I have tried and tested this method, and I kid you not- when I serve up true serving-sized portions of food on smaller dishes, those portions fill the plate, and my eyes see that and say, "Hey! There's no room left on this plate! Let's eat like King's!" However, if I serve up the same sized portions on a "traditional" sized plate, my eyes see all the empty space and say, "Where did all the food go? This is supposed to fill me up?!"

So not only is this a good tip for portioning, but I also feel more satisfied after a meal having simply used the smaller plate. I go into the meal feeling like I'm going to be full by the end, and that really makes all the difference. This also helps my sweet-tooth tons. If I use a much smaller bowl, I feel like I got a maximum amount of ice cream, all the while having only eaten one serving-which can be hard to do with ice cream. It's great!

Try it for yourself and tell me your experience!


  1. My most favorite plate measures about 7 inches across. If I make scrambled eggs, fruit, AND toast, I have to pile them up. And it looks like such a satisfying breakfast. You're right about tricking your eyeballs. If I ever have any empty space, I try to fill it with whatever vegetable I have. I eat broccoli for breakfast--regularly.

    I've also seen cute plates and bowls that have measurements on the side.

  2. It absolutely does work! I have tested it too! btw I'm watching Silly Songs with Larry! Oh where is my hairbrush? I love my cheeseburger!